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Chiro Anime

Gender Female
Occupation Familiar
Affiliation Rurumo
Status Alive
Debut Appearances
Anime Magimoji Rurumo Episode 1

Chiro (チロ?) is a main character from the manga and anime series Magimoji Rurumo. She's a talking cat who is Rurumo's familiar, and the one who told Kōta what would happen if he used up all the tickets given to him. She has a Kansai accent.


Chiro is a thin, purple-furred cat with yellow eyes and long ears. In her human form, she is a girl of average height. She has dark skin and short hair with the same color as her fur in cat form, and the same yellow eyes..


Chiro has a very laidback attitude, and enjoys mocking and teasing Kōta about the magic tickets, and hides their true nature from Rurumo. She is somewhat protective of Rurumo. She's also very oblivious to human customs, as evidenced by her showing her panties in order to prove she had panties on.