Kōta Shibaki
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Kouta Anime

柴木 耕太
Shibaki Kōta
  • Shiba (シバ?)
  • Shibaraku (しばらく?)
  • Pervert Shibaki (ヘンタイシバキ Hentai Shibaki?)
Gender Male
Occupation Student
Affiliation FHK Club
Status Alive (Anime)
Unknown (presumed deceased)
Debut Appearances
Manga Magimoji Rurumo Chapter 0
Anime Magimoji Rurumo Episode 1
Voice Actor/Actress

Makoto Takahashi

Kōta Shibaki (柴木 耕太 Shibaki Kōta?) is the main character in the manga and anime series Magimoji Rurumo. He's famous for being a pervert. He's part of the FHK Club, but is not interested in the occult.


Kōta is a tall, young man with short, light brown spiky hair, and yellow eyes. He usually wears a white dress shirt over a red shirt, paired with olive green pants and blue Sneaker. When in school, he wears his school's standard uniform, which is composed of a yellow blazer over a white polo shirt and a red necktie, and the same pants and sneakers as his usual outfit.


Kōta is a boy who cares about nothing more than girls, and is prone to doing things which would be considered perverted or immoral (like lifting girls' skirts or distributing adult magazines in his school). Despite his perverse demeanor, he has a good heart, and will help anyone in need.



Troubles After Summoning Rurumo.Edit