First tankōbon volume of Magimoji Rurumo.

Magimoji Rurumo (まじもじるるも Majimoji Rurumo?) is a Japanese manga series written and illustrated by Wataru Watanabe.

The story first appeared as a one-shot short story bonus for his previous work "Owarai Chibius" (お笑いチビウス?), included in Monthly Shōnen Sirius' July 2007 issue, and then became a regular serialization on November 2007 until February 2011, compiled to total of seven tankōbon volumes. The second story called as Magimoji Rurumo: Magic World Arc (まじもじるるも 魔界編 Majimoji Rurumo: Makai-hen?) began serialization on April 2011 until March 2013, made total four tankōbon volumes. The ongoing third part titled Magimoji Rurumo: After School Magic Junior High Student (まじもじるるも 放課後の魔法中学生 Majimoji Rurumo: Hōkago no Mahō Chugakusei?) begun serialization starting August 2013.

An anime adaptation produced by J.C.STAFF of selector infected WIXOSS and LOVE STAGE!! under Magimoji Rurumo Production Committee will began airing on July 2014. The director is Little Busters! Series' Chikara Sakurai, the series composition will be wrote by Hatsukoi Limited.'s Mariko Kunisawa, and the character design will be Hidan no Aria's Kazunori Iwakura.


Part OneEdit

Kōta Shibaki is a high-school boy whose only interest is girls. It's just that he's been branded as the greatest pervert at school and the girls avoid him like the plague. One day he happens to find a book in the library about how to summon witches. He tries it as a joke, but it turns out to be the real thing. An apprentice witch named Rurumo grants his foolish wish for a high price. Shibaki ends up helping Rurumo and in return she refuses to take his soul. Doing so, Rurumo loses her position and puts her own life on the line. Rurumo must complete the task of getting Shibaki to use 666 magic wishing tickets before she can become a witch again. However, every time ticket is used, Shibaki's life shortens.

Now, Shibaki has his own life in his hands, to make a lot of wishes and help Rurumo become a witch again or resist the temptation and try to live a long life.

Part Two: Magic World ArcEdit

Part Three: After School Magic Junior High StudentEdit


Number Title Release Date ISBN

Part One

1 Magimoji Rurumo 1 February 22, 2008 ISBN 978-4-06-373104-0
2 Magimoji Rurumo 2 August 22, 2008 ISBN 978-4-06-373129-3
3 Magimoji Rurumo 3 February 23, 2009 ISBN 978-4-06-373157-6
4 Magimoji Rurumo 4 September 23, 2009 ISBN 978-4-06-373189-7
5 Magimoji Rurumo 5 March 8, 2010 ISBN 978-4-06-376216-7
6 Magimoji Rurumo 6 August 9, 2010 ISBN 978-4-06-376229-7
7 Magimoji Rurumo 7 September 3, 2011 ISBN 978-4-06-376260-0

Part Two

1 Magimoji Rurumo: Magic World Arc 1 December 9, 2011 ISBN 978-4-06-376297-6
2 Magimoji Rurumo: Magic World Arc 2 April 9, 2012 ISBN 978-4-06-376329-4
3 Magimoji Rurumo: Magic World Arc 3 September 7, 2012 ISBN 978-4-06-376359-1
4 Magimoji Rurumo: Magic World Arc 4 April 9, 2013 ISBN 978-4-06-376393-5